Health Insurance + Sécurité Sociale

Three types of insurance are mandatory for international students in France, that is:
  • Social Security ("Sécurité Sociale)
  • "Responsabilité Civile"
  • Housing Insurance (The "assurance logement") - more information is given on the Accommodation page

Sécurité Sociale


Non-European Students

Non European students MUST sign up for "Sécurité Sociale" with either the SMEBA or the LMDE for students who are less than 28 years old, or CMU for students who are more than 28 years old. The subscription cost (~ 250 €) for SMEBA and LMDE must be paid upon arrival at Centrale Nantes by bank transfer, credit card or cash money - DRI will organise appointments days to allow for this. Once the student has paid the subscription fee, they must then declare in their Registration form which organization they have chosen (the SMEBA or  the LMDE). Only after these procedures are fulfilled can a student obtain their registration certificate. There will be representatives from these organizations on campus to assist with enquiries during the first month.

European Students

European students should be covered by the insurance from their home country, but they will need to present their European Health Insurance Card.

The "Responsabilité Civile"

This insurance ensures that the student is covered for any accidental harm. Students are advised to check if they are covered, under their current insurance, for an internship in a French company.  If not, then it is compulasory to subscribe for the "Responsabilité Civile" in France. The SMEBA and the LMDE are also providers for this.

Complementary Health Insurance ("Mutuelle")

"Sécurité Sociale" only covers 70% of all medical expenses. A "mutuelle" allows you get the extra 30% reimbursement (for medical consultations, medicine, etc). Again "Le SMEBA" and the LMDE are providers for this.


Click on designated icon below for detailed guide on the Insurance Providers

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