Public Transport

TAN is the main company responsible for the public transport network in Nantes and it's surroundings. This network includes travel by Tramway and travel by Bus. The transport services operate everyday - with the exception of the 1st of May, Christmas, and  demonstration days (protests) - from 04h15 until 00h30 the next day (on Saturdays until 02h30).

To travel legally on the public transportation you need a ticket. Travellers can purchase tickets at the different tramstops designated ticket machines (possibility to pay with coins or bank card) or at the BDE for reduced prices (only for members). A ticket valid for 1 hour costs 1.60 €. Note: Tickets can be used accross all TAN transportation. It is possible to also obtain a monthly or annual tram card from the TAN offices (situated at Commerce in the city centre); for more information visit the TAN website here.

TAN Network

You can download the TAN Network maps below

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  • Map 2


The city of Nantes has a lot of bicycle lanes. For those who enjoy biking, it might be useful to get a bicycle, and even more useful on the days when Tramway/buses are non-operational. On arrival one can ofcorse purchase a bike but there are also bike rental options.


Velocampus has special offers for students. A student can rent a bike with Velocampus for a year for only 45 €. The rental comes with access to a lot of services i.e. repairing classes, tours, etc. For more information visit the Velocampus here



Around the city, there are bicloo-stations. At Bicloo-stations a person can rent a bike by paying immediately using a bank card. Bicloo card can be obtained from the TAN offices situated in the city centre at "Commerce". For more information visit BICLOO website here

Interestings Stops

  • Ecole Centrale/Audencia
  • Bourgeonnière: Super U supermarket, Pharmacy, Market every Tuesday afternoon
  • Orvault-Grand Val - End of line 2: E.LECLERC department store
  • Commerce: Centre of Nantes, all Tramlines meet here
  • Gare SNCF Nord - Line 1: Nantes main Train Station
  • Longchamp - Line 3: CAF
  • Tournaline: Atlantis Shopping Center, with IKEA, DECATHLON, Intersport, and many more
  • Beaujoire - Line 1: Stade de la Beaujoire, Home of FC Nantes
  • Balinière - Line 3: OFII
  • Orvault-Morlière - Line 3: Auchan, department store
Download the detailed touristic map here

TAN Network showing interesting locations, high definition, detailed map here
Published on July 12, 2017 Updated on July 20, 2017