Who we are


Hello everyone!

You have probably already heard about us, otherwise you wouldn't be on this website, but you may wonder who we are exactly and what we do. And that's an excellent question, because ACCENTS club does a lot of things, with one objective: bringing French and international students together, so that they can get to know one another and become friends. 
With this aim in mind, we organise different events throughout the year.

First of all, we help all incoming international students on their arrival in France (and if you're an international student we surely already sent you lots of information e-mails). We collect them at the airport and help with administrative stuff. We also are here to help them discover Nantes and everything they'll need here.

Once the international students have arrived, we do all that we can to so that they enter in contact with French students. We are at the halls of residence every evening before school starts, so that students can meet each other instead of staying alone in their room. We also organise events during the year, like international parties or the international week.
And now that you really want to join us thanks to this great description, you may wonder: "But who am I supposed to contact to become a member of this club?" And this is the first step. Congratulations! 
A lot of students are part of this club, but to join you need to contact one of the following:

Clémence Gestat (President)


Julien Relet (Treasurer)

tel: +33 667 320 602


Grabriela Drebes (Vice-President)

Published on August 15, 2018 Updated on August 27, 2018