When will class start?

It depends on the programme you will follow at Cantrale Nantes, but mosly classes start in September. Consult your school programme schedule for exact dates.

Should I follow language classes? Which ones?

It depends on your academic programme, mostly international students take obligatory French classes but there are other options.

What is the DRI?

It is the "Direction des Relations Internationales" of Centrale de Nantes' school, it is the office of people taking care of you, this is your number one stop should you have any administrative issues that need to be resolved, these are your people.

What is the "Scolarité"?

This is the school's registration office. When you arrive at Centrale Nantes you will have to go scolarté to finish the academic registration process.

How can I obtain my id and password for the Centrale Nantes intranet?

Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain these before your arrival in Centrale Nantes. Only after you are a registered student can you obtain these.
Published on July 12, 2017 Updated on July 17, 2017