ACCENTS and MSA are the two main clubs the international students are in contact with. Their aim is to create links between French students and international students.


A Club of CEntrale Nantes for Travelling Students, ACCENTS main goal is to facilitate relations between Centrale Nantes students and international students.

ACCENTS' mission:
  • To help international students prepare for their arrival and stay at Centrale Nantes
  • To welcome international students on arrival (pick-up at the station or airport, welcome week full of activities designed to help with administrative work and familiarize students with the city and the school)
  • To set up some events linked to intercultural exchanges (dinner, party, trip, etc)
  • To take part in the organization of the reception of exchange students (students that come from universities abroad for a short stay)
  • To provide information to help Centrale Nantes students to go abroad
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MSA (Master Students Association)

MSA is the association for masters students. With approximately 350 master students in Centrale Nantes, MSA aims to:
  • create a link between engineering students and master students
  • organise master's events (sporting events, chill out sessions, pubbing, and trips)
  • create a link between M1 & M2 students
  • and finally, to share the culture of the master students at Centrale Nantes
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Published on June 25, 2018 Updated on July 1, 2020