Accommodation FAQs


Questions with regards to housing?

The International Relations Office can assist with questions related to housing and can be contacted via email. You can also find more information on housing on the ECN website as well the Accomodation page within this website.

Want to find housing on your own?

It is possible to book your own accommodation, however this is not recommended. Send an e-mail to international@ec-nantes.fr to inform the DRI should wish to proceed with this.


My housing is not available or I will not be able to obtain my keys upon arrival, what should I do?

We recommend that you book temporary housing to cover the period for which your housing is unavailable. You will find useful links for temporary housing at the bottom of the Accomodation page

What will be the postal address of my housing?

You can find this information on the page corresponding to your residence on the Accommodation page.

What is a T1, T1bis, T2, etc?

These are abbreviations designated to housing classification or categories (e.g. 1 room, 2 rooms with bathroom). You will find these definitions on the Accommodation page.


What comes standard in my room and what equipment will I have access to?

Housing booked by the International Relations Office (DRI) is furnished but there are no bed linens, pillows or duvet. You can find more details about the equipment available in your room on your residence's page available on the Accommodaton page.


Will there be internet access in my Residence?

Yes most of the time, check on the page corresponding to your residence on the Accommodation page. Furthermore, we recommend that you come with an Ethernet cable as there is not always Wifi. Expect a short delay after arrival before your Internet connection is established in your residence.


What is the voltage in France?

220 V.

When can I get my keys?

It depends on your residence, entry date is written on your contract. You can arrive on that date or after. In general, you have to inform your residence of the day and  time of arrival and check that you can have your keys at this time. You will find the schedules for when it is possible to take your keys on your corresponding residence page on the Accommodation page.

What will be the rental amount and how can I pay?

You will find the answer corresponding to your residence on the Accommodation page.


When and how can I obtain CAF financial aid?

Once you have arrived in France you can start the application process. Consult the Accommodation page for the procedure. Your residence and DRI can assist should you need help.

Is electricity, gas, water, heated included in the rental amount?

It depends on your residence, usually electricity is not included in the rental price, you can find the information on the page corresponding to your residence on the Accommodation page

When should I pay rent?

It depends on your residence. Follow the instructions you receive by e-mail. In general:
•  you pay a portion before arrival and the remaining balance upon arrival
•  or you pay everything on arrival

You will find more information for each residence on the Accommodation page.


What documents are required?

The most important is housing insurance, but all documents are listed on the Accommodation page and Administrative page.


How can I obtain accommodation insurance? Is it compulsory?

The "assurance logement" is mandatory; you can find all the information relating to this on the Accommodation page.

I need a "gaurantor" for my housing, what is it? What should I do?

Published on July 9, 2017 Updated on July 17, 2017