On this page you will find information related to housing administration

Housing Reservations


With regards to housing, there are several options that are available to students, namely:
  • CROUS Accommodation
  • Private Accommodation
  • Residence Max Schmitt (Allocated to new French and International first year Engineering Programme students)


Centrale Nantes has an ongoing partnership with CROUS  and private residences that allows the International Relations Office to book accommodation for new incoming students. The university also has an relationship with a few select private accommodation establishments that the DRI can pre-book for new students.

Of course students can also look for accommodation on their own, the DRI has put together an accommodation guide for that matter (download PDF).

The university also has an relationship with a few select private accommodation establishments that the DRI can pre-book for new students.

If you are a new incoming international student, the International Relations Department will contact you directly by email by June with regards to your accommodation.

Housing Options

CROUS Accommodation

Private Accommodation

Max Schmitt

Housing Insurance

Insurance Subscription

Note that the residence's welcoming office will hand over room keys if, and only if the student has provided proof of accommodation insurance. A housing insurance certificate is therefore compulsory. Centrale Nantes has an ongoing close relationship with the bank BNP Paribas which can provide you with housing insurance, and they will send you the insurance certificate before your arrival in Nantes.

Other organizations that provide housing insurance areFor BNP Paribas and BPO contact person details, consult with DRI.


Caisse d'allocations Familiales (CAF)

What is the CAF?

The CAF, or Caisse d'allocations Familiales (Family Allowance Fund), is an organization of the French social security system that provides, among other benefits, housing aid, for which international students in France are currently eligible. In other words, the CAF helps students pay for their accommodation. The amount that you receive from CAF depends on different criteria i.e. rent, city of residence, etc. This amount can either be paid directly to the students account or directly to the landlord (rent amount due by the student will be adjusted accordingly).

How to apply for CAF?

To benefit from CAF, students can apply online. You can simulate (calculate an estimation) the amount you will receive from CAF, note however this may not be accurate. Some documents that will be required include:
  • Birth Certificate (original language and French translation)
  • Copy of Visa
  • Accommodation certificate
  • RIB - "Relevé d'Identité Bancaire" (bank details)
The application process may take a while, meaning you will receive the amount several months after application (2-3 months, may be longer), however the CAF back pays to the month of applicaton. That is, the amount not received in the first months will be sent by CAF in the following months. It is the recommended that students get the application process started as soon as is possible.

Click here to download the guide on how to fill out the application.


Électricité de France (EDF) - Electricity Contract

Application Procedure

This apllication procedure applies to Max Schmitt residents, but the process can be adapted for Alice Milliat residents as well.

On the first day, the SAMO hands out the sheet called ‘état des lieux’ containing the electricity meter number, and the number of ‘heures creuses’ and ‘heures pleines’. This is the information needed by EDF in order to open a new electricity account. 

For the month of September, students will have electricity even without the EDF’s contract. However, it is strongly advised to contact EDF as soon as possible. Students can contact EDF by phone or by visiting EDF offices located in the city centre.

EDF will ask for the following information to open a new account for the students:
  • Personal details (Last Name , First name, Address, IBAN)
  • Electricity meter number
  • Heures pleines, heures creuses
  • kWh wanted (They deduct them according to the electrical appliances of the apartment: kitchenette, refrigerator, heating, heating-ball, etc)

EDF Offices Address:
16 allée des Tanneurs
44000 Nantes

Opening hours:
Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday : 9h30 - 12h30 ; 13h30 - 18h00
Thursday : 10h30 - 12h30 ; 13h30 - 18h00
Saturday : Closed

TAN: line 2, tram stop "50 Otages"
Free telephone : 0969321515 – Client service

Downloadable guides here: French version, Spanish version, English version


What is a Guarantor?

In the most instances, students residences or landlords will ask you to provide a guarantor for your rent in France. A guarantor is legally responsible should you default on your rent. He or she brings financial security to reassure your landlord: with a guarantor at your side, the landlord trust your ability to fully pay your rent in due time.

  • Visale acts as guarantor, free of charge, for students under 31 whose monthly rent is not more tan €600/month. More information here in French:

  • GARANTME is open to French and international students. Reduced fees for Centrale Nantes students via the partnership with GARANTME.
Published on July 6, 2017 Updated on March 15, 2020