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Nantes is often called as the city of hundred parks. The title holder of the 'European Green Capital, 2013' Nantes has amazing parks to offer for taking a stroll, jogging or just sitting back and relaxing amidst nature. Spread throughout the city the parks offer a rich experience which is very soothing after a tiring week. And if you enjoy walking, you'll be happy in the city centre or by the river Erdre.


Jardin des Plantes

Created between 1807 and 1865 by Hectot, Noisette and Ecorchard, this English-style park is located in the centre of Nantes opposite the train station. It is both a scientific and ornamental garden. You can thus see there different types of trees and plants. The park is also equipped with several greenhouses containing tropical and desertic species.

Source : Jean-Pierre Dalbéra // Flickr

Ile de Versailles

Take your time and enjoy the quiet of this garden located right in the centre along the tramline 2. It recreates Japanese nature with miniature mountains, thanks to bamboos, cherry trees, rhododendrons, wild cherry trees and other different typical plants. At the heart of the isle you can find a tea lodge with an aquarium. It is also a good place to take beautiful photos with your friends !

Source : Jean-Pierre Dalbéra // Flickr


The CRAPA (Rustic Tour of Outdoor Activities) of Beaulieu is the wildest park in Nantes, in the heart of the isle of Nantes. It's a huge green space with play areas for children and adults and free-to-use barbecues during the summer. The east zone is completely "natural" since it's untouched by men. 

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Passage Pommeraye

The Passage Pommeraye is a small shopping mall in central Nantes, named after its property developer, Louis Pommeraye. Construction started at the end of 1840 and was completed on 4 July 1843. The Passage Pommeraye is a passage between two streets, the rue Santeuil and rue de la Fosse, with one 9.40 m higher than the other. Midway, there is a flight of steps and the mall then continues on another floor. Two architects, Jean-Baptiste Buron and Hippolyte Durand Gasselin, contributed to its design, which is very elaborate and includes renaissance style sculpture. The Passage Pommeraye has been classified as a historic monument since 1976. 

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Place Royale

Place Royale, located in the city centre of Nantes, was designed in 1786 by the architect Mathurin Crucy of Nantes. Built in 1790 after the destruction of the medieval ramparts, it is the central element of a homogeneous ensemble of buildings in keeping with the classical architecture built at this time. It is endowed with a monumental fountain inaugurated in 1865. Dedicated from the beginning to commerce, it welcomed signs that marked the memories, and retained in the 21th century its commercial vocation.

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River Erdre

Right next to the school runs the river Erdre, which flows further downstream into the Loire. The borders are laid out so that one can walk or cycle. You can thus enjoy a quiet moment amidst trees and wildlife, and then get to the city centre. It is also a good tour if you want to go jogging. 
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Published on July 12, 2017 Updated on May 22, 2019