Nantes boasts a mild climate; winters are mild and rainy, with hardly any snowfall and it is moderately warm in the summer. It is a wet city, so expect rain even in the driest months.
Here follows some data about the climate in Nantes, compared with Paris (you'll find out that Nantes isn't so terrible :) )

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[legende-image]1488297228062[/legende-image] Average minimum temperature (°C) - Paris
[legende-image]1488297228063[/legende-image]  Average maximum temperature (°C) - Paris
[legende-image]1488297228064[/legende-image] Average minimum temperature (°C) - Nantes
[legende-image]1488297228065[/legende-image] Average maximum temperature (°C) - Nantes



[legende-image]1488297228069[/legende-image]  Average monthly rainfall - Nantes
[legende-image]1488297228070[/legende-image]  Average monthly rainfall - Paris



[legende-image]1488297228072[/legende-image]  Average monthly hours of sunshine - Paris
[legende-image]1488297228073[/legende-image]  Average monthly hours of sunshine - Nantes
Published on July 12, 2017 Updated on July 19, 2018