I would like someone to pick me up when I arrive in Nantes?

Fill in the pick up form here

How can I communicate with ACCENTS and its members?

For all questions, you can email ACCENTS at or directly post on our ACCENTS Facebook Group. If you are looking for the contact information (e-mail address, phone number) of the person that will pick-up you, we will communicate this information to you in due time.

Where does the pick-up take place?

Pick-ups take place only in Nantes, mostly at the airport or the train station.

When will I know who will pick me up?

You will receive e-mails from ACCENTS periodically during the two weeks before your arrival to update you on the status of your pick-up

How can I recognise the person that will pick me up in Nantes?

They will have posters with ACCENTS logo. We will make sure to send you details of your pick-upper as soon as it is finalised.


I need to change my date of arrival, what should I do?

You can send an email to ACCENTS to update your Pick-Up date. Send an email to with the subject "Pick-up CHANGE" with all the new information: date, time and place of departure; date, arrival time and place; trip references (number, company and connections - so we can track your flight)


My flight or train is delayed, what should I do?

If you gave us your trip reference we will know about your delay, so it's no problem, we will wait for you. And if it possible still do let us know by either sending an email to with the subject "Pick-up DELAYED" or an SMS to the person in charge of the welcoming of foreign students (we will communicate the pick-up chief numbers in due time).

Published on July 12, 2017 Updated on July 17, 2017