"Listes" and "campagnes"

What is a liste?

In order to decide who will be the next BDE, BDS and BDA, the lists are created. Lists are a group of 25 to 40 students that compete to win an election : the election of the bureaux. They are also an opportunity to better understand the modus-operandus of the bureaux (poles, responsibilities, etc.).

People who want to be part of the new BDX compose the lists. Usually, there are two or three lists competing to be the new BDE, BDA and BDS. 

The lists start being formed in mid-September, when the first groups of friends are made, and are usually completed by the first half of October so do not sleep on it. Being part of a list is important to meet new people and represent the international students, as these lists are mostly composed of French students. 

Until the beginning of the Campagnes, the lists use a fake profile, meaning they have a fake name, fake song, fake film and fake everything else. The fake profile of the list is as important as the real one and is an opportunity to show the voters that the team is motivated to win. 

The names of the lists are most of the time a clever use of words that refers to a film, a character or a TV show. For the BDE, the name of the list must include an animal while it has to include "sport" for the BDS and "art" for the BDA. Take the current BDE "RagnarOrque" for example, it refers to the Ragnarok and and also use the world "orque" (french for orca). Choosing the name determines what the theme of the list is going to be. 


What are the campagnes?

The Campagnes are two weeks in December when the lists start to really compete to gain votes. They prepare a choreography and a 15 minutes movie, to be presented at the Campagnes’ opening day. On this day, the lists also reveal their real name and theme. 

During this period, the members of the lists do everything they can to show the other Centraliens why they should be chosen. Their main goal is to make sure everyone know their list and to show themselves capable of the job they are running up to. A few examples are preparing dinnners, parties, and other fun activities. It allows others to see the organization skills of the groups that are required to manage a bureau well.
Published on June 1, 2023 Updated on June 15, 2023